65 y/F obese pt. hv c/o diarrhoea (>10 epis.) since morning, nausea,abdominal pain and discomfort,breathlessness, o/e bp 110/90,spo2 72%,PR 140/min. pt.is drowsy. k/c/o DM2 her ECG attached here. plz interpret it.

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Tracings shows sinus tachycardia otherwise wnl Pt is kco DM2T hence and had loose motions with hypoxia most like DKA

Thanx dr Raja tomas

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Chest leads r recorded at half standard S.Tachy LAD LAHB Look for Dehydration Advise to check Lytes, Acidosis (keto/Lactic), CBC if everything is good than P.E is DD here

Check for Serum Electrolyte, Renal Function , Thyroid and Urine Acetone. Maintain Airway, Breathing and Strict Output Chart. Get an Cardiac Opinion and Echo

All reports are in normal limit except total count 17000, s.creat. 1.9,and bld urea 77.

NSR Sinus tachycardia with LAD.

Thank you Dr

Spo2 72 admit oxygen bring to 85 st t changes v5 v6 sinus tachycardia 2 d echo TSH serum creatinine serum electrolyte

RBG? CBC?. 2Decho Attach Dxray chest Full symptoms Urine for ketones

Sinus tachycardia I v fluids after neutralization with insulin Electrolyte imbalance

Sinus tachycardia

LAD , sinus Tachycardia Get serum Electrolytes

Ecg wnl.......except tachycardia

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