65 year Chest burning and epigastric burning and cold sweating no chest pain on other compl. Trop I mild positive



ECG findings. sinus bradycardia flattened p waves pr interval fixed prolonged St depression in antero lateral leads. Two DD S. 1.NSTEMI .. 2.HYPOKALEMIA troponin T mildly positive. serial ecg .echo.sr electrolytes to b done. .meantime treat as CAD ACS NSTEMI

repeat troponin after 6 hrs .then decide about CAG

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Age trop i mild positive history t wave inverted inlead one 2 avl v1 v2 lbbb st sagging down in v3 to v6 bradycardia do 2 decho angiography trop t test

T inversion 1 avl.st sagging v2 v6.it is ACS.Pl.go for serial ecgs 2d echo Pl start double antiplatelet agents statins LMWH. Ntg infusion. Further line of management depends on the investigations May need thrombolysis/coronary in

Hyperacute T wave in lead 3, avf maximal st depression in chest leads v3 Subtle st elevation in lead v1 IWMI with R.V involment

anterolateral ischaemia...unstable angina with first degree av block with bradycardia..early CAG needed..check potassium also

ecg showing...sinus bradycardia heart rate ~54 & also showing st segment depression other investigations needed are detailed history taking,past history needed,either diabetic or non diabetic,and serum electrolytes,lipid profile,cbc count,stress test also needed,and higher diagnostic techniques like 2d echo and angiography needed treatment modality will be oxygen supply,tab aspirin low dose,tab atrovastatin,tab beta blockers or tab calcium channel blockers....

what is the need of beta blockers

Type 1 heart block prolonged pr interval with septolateral strain pattern n sinus bradycardia

anterolat ischemia unstable angina...echo and early CAG

Septal & lateral wall infarction with anterior wall ischaemia, advised angiography, may require CABG.

anteriolateral Ischemia. CPK-MB. Echo . nitrates clavix 300mg stat stating. Simvas 60 mg stat Ecosprin 150

Diabetic or non diabetic

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