65 year old patient, hypertensive and diabetic came with prgoressive breathlessness for the last 2 weeks. X-ray chest is shown below. Dx and mx




Military Tuberculosis with left lung middle​ zone cavity.

Miliary Tuberculosis

B/l nodular shadows r der with a cavity in left upper zone..as patient is immunocompromised possibility of miliary tb is very high..hv a usg abdo and optha exam to look for miilets on choroid ..after spurum examination should start on RHZE..

Agree with dr anshul

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Miliary tuberculosis

As per complaints and xray pic 1:::ILD 2::sarcoidosis or any other auto immune patho 3::as pt is having dm so milliary ptb

Bilateral miliary pattern infiltrates with left upper zone cavity mostly miliary ptb or ild

Cxray shows miliary picture...Rule out TB. D/d of miliary mottling to be correlated with clinical picture

Miliary TB

B/L Military Pl. Tub.

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