65 year old pt with complain of non healing ulcer o n left side of soft palate and unable to take his food . He is diabetic and hypertensive since 20 years.



Carcinoma of the burial mucosa associated with leukoplakia superimposed candidial infection near soft palate . He is chronic smoker and diabetic and cardiac pt. Biopsy for any carcinogenic changes we have to see . Any left sub mandibular and sub lingual and cervical lymph node engagements physically we have to see. Fever weight reduction and less appetite also we have to information from patient

Pt does not smoke. Pt have fever ... malaise Weight loss. .. complete blood pic is normal except raise of ESR Sub mandibular and sublingual glands are inflammed

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Patient is diabetic hypertensive and smoker .any non healing lession for 14 days should go for biopsy.physical xamination of lymphnodes including their particular character along with signs of weight loss malaise etc coupled with radiographic examination is essential.

Carcinoma of soft palate biopsy and RT

Stains on the teeth reveals that patient is a tobacco user. Ask fr habit history. Candidiasis of tongue is also seen.Look for lymphadenopathy . Adv routine blood investigations and Biopsy to rule out malignancy first. DD: pemphigus?

Yes Dr u r investigation is very accurate .

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Get a biopsy done first. Going by the looks it's suggestive of field cancerisation . Once bx proven for malignancy plan for Def CT+RT

Kindly take a biopsy to r/o malignancy

Thanks for all your guidance. .. pt tested for HIV. .. and results is positive. With super added candida infection. Pt is put on iv fluoconozole for 2 weeks. And sent for cd4 count .

Better.... really good case...keep posting dr. Nandini

Are DM and hypertension under control ?? Is Gastritis / any other gi issues related,any other conditions like anemia??? Advise Complete count

seeing the lesion and tongue pt must have some habbit...looking like candidial infection secondary infected...as diabetes shows such lesions if uncontrol sugar...

as lesion is chronic may show lymphadenopathy...

Any pain during deglutition

Fever? Malaise?

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