65 years female adult with this kind of lump in neck



Colloidal Goitre Ruled out with doing USG Neck with FNAC and thyroid profile T3 T4 TSH Definitely do a surgeons opinion about hemithyroidectomy , subtotal thyroidectomy if malignant then total thyroidectomy or partial thyroidectomy

Goiter. Iodium 200 twice in a DAY. Thyrodinium 1M once in a day. Medorrinum 10 M at night. Diet restriction highly spicy , curd & Rice made things to be avoided...

Nodular Goitre...Advice T3, T4, and TSH, thyroid scan ..

Goitre- USG neck -Thyroid profile [ T3-T4- TSH ]to be done - FNAC & Treatment suggestive of investigation.

Go with detailed investigations..... Its a case of Galaganda..... @Dr. Ravi Thakur ji

Multiple nudoler Goitre

Multiple Nudoler Goitre

Goitre T3 T4 TSH?

Could be goitre, Do USG neck with Thyroid profile and CBC.

Colloidal Goitre usg necessary

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