65 years female with upper and outer quadrant left breast mass, painless HPE images for your opinion



-Vaguely circumscribed delicate fibrovascular stroma in arborizing pattern - solid/ papillary foci filled by proliferation of ductal cells - cells with good amount of cytoplasm and papillary forms at periphery - solid pattern with underlying fibrovascular network - focal apocrine changes D/D- 1.Invasive papillary carcinoma 2. In situ carcinoma Papillary DCIS However, Clinical correlation and IHC for needful.

Yes you are correct, I am adding one more point-3,7,8,9 images show cribriform patten and predominantly papillary areas seen. Invasive carcinoma of breast with papillary and cribriform features. Needs IHC. Note: Grossly 4x3x2.5 cm fibrofatty tissue on cut section grey white lesion seen.

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Papillary carcinoma of breaast in association with invasive ductal carcinoma and focal apocrine changes. Dd.solid papillary ca

Invasive ductal carcinoma with focal papillary features mostly in situ. Apocrine change prominent in areas.

Invasive ductal carcinoma with Papillaryfronds and cribriform and apocrine change

Invasive ductal carcinoma with papillary features, cribriform pattern & focal apocrine change

Invasive duct carcinoma with papillary features and apocrine changes

invasive mammary carcinoma

Papillary Carcinoma of breast

Papillary carcinoma

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