65 yr female with scalp swelling clinical diagnosis - ?dermoid cyst received grey white globular swelling, cut section showing cystic cavity filled with grey white material comment on HPE



Proliferating trichillemal cyst with granulomatous reaction

Consistent with the clinical diagnosis of Dermoid cyst as the cyst filled by keratin and lined by squamous epithelium??

Mam please post final diagnosis

Proliferating Trichilemmal Cyst.

Thank you all for your opinions Reported as proliferating trichilemmal cyst

proliferating pilar tumour ( Proliferating trichilemmal cyst)

? Malignant Trichilemmal cyst However, Clinical evaluation and IHC for needful.

Dermoid cyst.

Trichilemmal cyst ( Pilar cyst) ? Low grade malignant

Proliferating trichelemmal tumor

Low grade malignant trichilemmal tumour

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