65 yr male ch bidi smoker typical left sided chest pain since 15 days increaes since today morning n radiating to back today morning .bp 170 110.dx ecg pls



Agree with the findings and line of treatment given by Dr S Pemira. Though pt is a biri smoker what tests he is able to afford and difinitly pci will be out of his reach. However medical treatment to be started on IHD line with Beta blocker to be preferable for HTN, aspirin and nitrates. And ofcourse to stop biri.

It's a case of anterior wall myocardial infarction...

Old Ant wall MI with WPW syndrome.

wpw syndrome

seems like anterior wall MI ..cardiac markers ?

Low voltage ecg St depression in inferiolateral leads Hyperacute T wave with loss of r wave in v1 to v3 Anterioseptal mi

seems like ant.wall mi

HR 75/min, Sinus rhythm, axis normal, pr/qrs/Qtc normal, significant Q in v1 to v3,ST depression in 2,3,avf,v6... findings S/o Old Anterioseptal Infarct with ?Post Infarct Angina.... Do follow up ecg's,Cardiac markers,2D echo,Blood sugars,Tsh,Lipids. Load with Dual Antiplatelets,High intensity statins,Nitrates,control Bp with betablockers, Acei/Arbs,Laxatives,Anxiolytics, If trop positive, start LMWX and refer for PCI....

nice explain Dr sandeep sir

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anterior wall ischemia --> progressing to angina... (htn. mild st changes in 2 and avf... progression of qrs complex is lost) before this its better to rule out gastric and pulmonary pathology.. becz chronic smoker.. so gerd.. ulcers.. sometimes mimic chest pain..

WPW syndrome with poor progression of r wave

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