recurrent seizure episodes

65 yr old male patient previous 4yrs history of head injury and operated for SDH on medication.and later he got seizures episodes.(on and eptoin 100.tid)he admitted many times with seizures outside hospital.NOW he came to first time to my opd with status epileptics with unconscious state. I stabilized with airway, breathing and circulation.all investigations normal(CT BRAIN and ELECTROLYTES) and treated conservatively with lorazepam stat followed by SOS and levera ,with tab.eptoin 100mg.tid.and now patient also conscious and coharant Can some one suggest discharge anti epileptics Shall I give same dose as tablets or shall I add any other Therapy?



Needs to continue antiepileptics Leviril 5oomg and eptoins to be continued titre the doses in followup

Previously he was taking same doses but recurrence shall I put on levipil 1gm .bd or switch to other regimen?

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Leviteracetam 1gr 1-0-1 ,Eptoin 100 mg 1-0-1

Thank you doctor

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