65 yrs old female paraint c/o weknes.loss of appetite.nousia


rt sided massive pleural effusion

Obliterated rt costophrenic and cardiophrenic angles are suggestive of rt pleural effusion adv tapping and send pleural fluid for Routine and microscopic examination and for CBNAT , routine investigstion CBC ESR SGPT should also done on tapping if fluid is clear or haemragic if it is clear mostly tubercular and if haemorragic it is malignant treat according

need to collect history of cough, fever i chills, weight loss. past respiratory illness, r any medication. pleural tapping, cbc, guide us to r/o ptb. but better to hav usg abdomen also to r/o any rt sided upper abdomen malignancy in view of age.

a case of kocks. rt side massive plural effusion with lung collapse my suggestion do daignostic pleural effusion tapping, all routine investigation including lft, tb gold test and sos hrct thorax. give empirical akt with antibiotics

rt massive pleural effusion, compensatory hyperinflation of lt lung, ...??? koch's ...therapeutic tapping.... fluid cytology.... other routine lab , ..HRCT sos...

Massive pleural effusion with collapse .advise to study pleural fluid ada .cect thorax.

no mediastinal shifting to left hence there should be collapse + effusion on right side

massive rt pleural effusion probably tuberculosis/ malignancy work up in those lines

she also require therapeutic tapping. effusion may be due to kochs or ca

Do pleural fluid analysis routine n ADA level, LDL, malignant cell, C/S

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