Sudden Diplopia with h/o abducens nerve palsy

A 56 yr old female suddenly experienced diplopia while driving a car and was diagnosed as having abducens nerve palsy. MRI was WNL at that time. 1 month later, BCVA of her left eye decreased to 0.3 and her left eye developed a relative afferent pupillary defect. What should be done now?

The small central scotoma of the left eye is present in Goldman kinetic perimetry. MRI contrast may be ordered. As patient is in 6th decade suspicious of intracranial space occupying lessions chances are more. So on contrast if any mass lesion observed neurosurgeon opinion should also taken while planning further management.
Abducens nerve palsy will recover after 2 months as MRI is normal there might be some inflamation vision 0.3 is due to macular pathology must do OCT and FFA to rule out CSR or macular oedema

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