Is any effect of coronavirus on veg.and non-veg person?

There is no datas and medical updates awailable on it. But my personal study concludes that .. * Root of corona 19 and previous 4 epedemic were originated from China....which has 0.% vegiterian and 100 % Non vegeterian population country wide. * Europian countries ,number of infected is more than 40 LAKHS are 0.% Vegeterian and 100 % Non vegeterian. * In india i dont say about Non vegeterian but for sure orthox Vegiterian are infected to 10 % level. * Logical and stastical conclusion is ratio iof Vegeterian and Non vegeterian, infected is 1 : 9.... I have never heared or read of an elephant casulity following Corona 19 or from previous series ELEPHANT IS PURE VEGETERIAN LIKE ME !!!!
Great sir yes we never heard of Elephant die of Sars cov 2 yes pure vegetarians like you and me have good immunity to fight the menace as lord GANESHA shower his blessings and lord SHIVA empowers

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No such statistics available or I have not seen in any magzine or research papers published. In my opinion both are equally effects by corona virus because it's mode of transmission and handling ,in case. Of non veg non cooked or semi cooked food spreading it , in india veg sellers are spreading it to all corner of country due to multiple contacts to veg and multi persons handling and poor quality control.
So far statics are concerned well sited by dr Dineshchandra Sharma sir Personally I also feel immunity is more stronger in vageterians v/s nonvageterian and corona is not exception
Thanx dr Ramesh Kumar Singh

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