Female baby delivered by Lscs bciaf pink Hr 134\ min Rr 58/ min at present baby cry excessive mild seizure whole body swelling with hard feeling like sclerama CRP normal skin of the body and limbs Slough delivered on. 16-4 after noon diagnosis please

Its icthyosis. Apply emollients like derma dew . Though crp is negative theres high chances of sepsis with stap n other bacteria. Start the baby on inj vancomycin and inj cefotaxime . Do serum electrolytes and renal function test. Use phenobarbitone or levetriacetan to control seizures . Random blood sugar. Was there history of perinatal asphyxia. Poor prognosis .
I agree

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Early Neonatal septicaemia. Septic work out Blood culture, CBC, micro ESR, CRP, immature to mature nutrphil ratio. Till that star Ampiand Gent Iv.
It maybe Icthyosis,+ ??Perinatal asphyxia...->Seizure Admit in ICU & Rx
Staphylococal Scald Skin Syndrome

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