65yr elderly man agriculturalist by occupatio, presented with history of flexion deformity of both hands. able to stretch the fingers partly with pain and difficulty. What is the diagnosis and treatment?



It's classic Dupuytren's contracture which is involving the ring and middle fingers. Palmar fasciectomy us the treatment of choice. ensure the contracture doesn't worsen by stretching exercises and night splints

Thank you doctor

It is a typical case of Dupuytren's contracture. Rx 1Palmar Fasciectomy .3 Night splints. 4.Physiotherapy

this is depuytrens contracture as already mentioned..Treatment is by excision of these thickened chords which is actually degeneration and thickening of palmar aponeurosis after z shaped inncision or segmental transverse insicions

it's a case of depyutrenes contracture. treatment palliative is dolonex DT and DEFCORT definitive is surgical corrections

age wise occupational deformity developed due to Dist grasping work for very long duration with each session! needs physiotherapy otherwise surgical treatment!

Rheumatoid arthritis.

Depyutrens Contracture. caused by shortening of PALMAR fascia..* affecting MCP &PIP Joints...@image...This is phase 2..The involutional phase.....

dupytrens contracture

dupytrens contractors .considering age of patient subcutaneous fasciotomy with help of plastic_surgeon.splint& physiotherapy.past history of any Liver disease.diabetes.pulmonary koch.alcoholism.

Dear Bath sir, as it's Dupuytren's Contracture I want to suggest U, please Try in this patient Sri Gopal Tailam 5ml with warm water daily at morning empty stomach orally & also daily 2 times Gentle Massage with same oil & after 1/2hour give hot fomentation

Kindly look results after 1 month. Thanks
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