65yr old male C/o.pain and swelling over the inferomedial aspect of the right knee jt.. o/e.Gc fair,, vitals-stable,,... Dx and Rx?

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Could be an enlarged bursa Tumors with soft tissue extension also possible Xray evaluation Usg evaluation To start with Need to confirm the nature of the lesion

Varicose veins rt kneedo colour Doppler venous lower limb

DD: - Varicose veins - Pes Anserinus Bursitis Unlikely to be a Morrant-Baker's Cyst (more posterior location, in popliteal fossa)

Varicose veins with backer's cyst, advised USG.

varicose veins. cause of pain is thrombophlebitis.treat with analgesics and antibiotics, compression bandage support.confirfation of diagnosis is by venous Doppler of lower limb.

? bursitis ? varicose veins

x-ray and a Doppler study is req.. most probably varicose veins with inflammed bursitis

it's may be varicose veins, bursitis or popliteal cyst, first get USG of knee joint

xray of the knee and USG to be done...mostly likely might need a doppler to rule out circulatory disorder.

sir is he fall., or swelling gradually arises

appeared spontaneously no trauma..
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