65yr old male pt came wd h/o chest pain 3days back know no pain but bp was 190/100 t/t telma am hs


Dr prabhu is right as diastolic is above 90mm .check RFT's nd lipids also plan 2decho to check EF.or any type of infarction. than plan other drugs either CTZ or torsamide nd give more history as dyspnea ,JVP nd B/L basal auscultation findings. also ask pt for his eye sight visions. this much BP also affects visions.

Dr nadeem shaikh this ECG is little bit confusing to all of us kindly elaborate me also from where you diagnosed av block plz.I think we should comment to repeats ekg

Sinus rhythm, LAD, poor r progression,deep s wave in v6. Needed lipid profile, BSR, electrolyts,cal, ECHO TMT

ecg is showing qsr pattern in anterior wall suggestive of ischaemia with there is qt prolonged and also first degree av block. my suggestion do 24 hrs ecg Holter, all routine investigation including echo, renal doppler.to give arb inhibitors, ace inhibitors. don't give b blocker

sinus bradycardia rest wnl.incrs dose of telma upto80 mg with ctd12.5.n investigate as adv by dr abhay jadhav n rept ecg echo sos.

just add ramipril5mg od and telma-h od ECG is normal R/o lipids nd start statins for arthereoseclerosis

Mild anterior wall MI with LVF.

dr ashok gupta there is PR interval exceeds 200 msec, and all P waves conduct to the ventricle with constant but prolonged PR interval

sinus bradycardia with left axis deviation with? previous h/ o chest pain ask him past h/o mi or ihd

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