80 male swelling over the left lumbar region soft to firm. FNAC pics. Kindly opine

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D/D- 1. Malignant spindle cell tumour 2. Metastasis (Clinical evaluation and primary site to detect out for needful.)
Sir malignant? I feel it's benign

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Spindle cell tumor Sug.clinical correlation Open biopsy and IHC
Suspicious spindle cell neoplasm..... Benign vs malignant?
Spindle call benign lesion ? Dermatofibroma
Usg status? Parietal or intra abdominal?
Parietal sir
Plasma cell cluster- ? Plasmacytoma
Benign fibrohistiocytic lesion
Benign spindle cell lesion
Benign spindle cell lesion
Madam any cell of origin??
Benign spindle cell lesion
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