67/Female with Severe pain in Knee Joint Treated with Analgesics but not Resolved Kindly Give ur suggestions



Monoarticular pain with swelling and tenderness.... Rule out Trauma f/b infective causes... Give analgesics and do USG of this joint.... If still inconclusive, synovial fluid may be aspirated and sent for analysis but it shd be last option...

?Traumatic arthritis ?Osteoarthritis Needs clinicopathological evaluation Blood CBC ESR R.A.factor Uric acid Meanwhile treat with Apprpriate antibiotics with Nsaid

Thanks Dr Kishor Shaha

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Diagnosis: • OA knee • ? Haemarthrosis • ?Tubercular OA Investigations: - USG knee - X-ray Knee - Joint Aspiration and analysis Treatment: - Analgesic - Antiinflammatory drugs - Needle Aspiration (if haemarthrosis) - ATT ( if TB OA) - TKR ( last resort for unresponsive d/s)

Acute exacerbation of OA knee with effusion Give analgesics Physiotherapy Do uric acid Blood routine RA factor Get xrays RBS After work up Try intra-articular steroid for quick releif Do rule out infection before that

? Septic arthritis ? Osteoarthritis Needs clinicopathologic evaluation X-ray

Effusion in knee OA TB knee joint SEPTIC arthritis Hemarthrosis Suggest X-ray, MRI, Aspiration and CBNATT and lab investigations of aspirate

Monoarticular pain with swelling and tenderness.

OA. R/O ligament tear,#patella & any bone of joint, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Septic arthritis, synovial Effusion,Gouty arthritis, tubercular,

Pain and swelling of rt knee. May be pain agg by motion. BRYONIA Q 10 drops with some water tds×7 days. And repeat if necessary.

Monoarticular arthrititis May osteoarthritis Rheumatoid, Traumetic arthritis

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