67 yr old female 2 month old patches very itching treated with antifungal plz diagnose and suggest treatment


Allergic dermatitis with xerosis. Local emolients moisturizer, local broad spectrum cream.

Extreme xerosis with lichen sclerosis chronicus. Moisturiser steroid- salicylic acid cream, antihytaminics orally, moisturising soap, avoid other topicals.break the itch scratch cycle by counselling.

Edges look like tines infection. T.Itraconazole 200 mg twice daily for 14 days along with topical antifungal at night& moisturiser lotion in day . Rule out diabetes

dermatitis with keratosis

Eczematous dermatitis

Steroid altered TENIA infection Antifungals, orally and topically, antihistsminics, avoid steroids Rule out DM


Itching involved in the lesion goes against Hanson's disease

T corporis tt terbinafen 35omg 1month T lortadine 1odays Pulv clotrimazole locally


Allergic dermatitis so use local moisturising like coconut oil.usesiroid locally.donot stub lesion.and exclude diabetes and kidney disease by test

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