67 yrs F with c/o urgency in micturition since last 15 days o/h 4 normal delivery what is treatment



Treatments and home remedies:- The treatment options for urinary urgency will vary depending on its cause. Lifestyle changes:- Drinking less liquid and avoiding caffeine and alcohol can help. Avoiding smoking and maintaining a healthy weight may also be beneficial. Bladder training Keeping a bladder diary is an effective method for managing urinary urgency. Bladder training, which involves timed voiding, is an effective method for managing urinary urgency. Timed voiding is where a person keeps a bladder diary and works with a doctor to determine a regular schedule for using the toilet. People can gradually increase the time between toilet visits to train the bladder to hold urine for longer and reduce the frequency of urinary urgency. Physical therapy It is common for a doctor to prescribe physical therapy. This therapy will involve strengthening the pelvic floor muscles to support the urethra, the tube that carries urine out of the body. Strengthening these muscles can lead to a reduction in the number of times that urinary urgency occurs. Medications Several medications can treat urinary urgency. Some drugs, including antimuscarinics such as oxybutynin and tolterodine, aim to relax the bladder. Different medications will help with different causes. For example, if the cause is a urinary tract infection, a course of antibiotics will be necessary. Medical procedures In severe cases, a person may need surgery or a medical device, such as a catheter, to help them empty the bladder. Another option for more persistent cases is electrical nerve stimulation, which involves the use of electrical pulses to stimulate bladder function.

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Please share the case history and investigation done, bsl htn. 1) RasRaj Ras 1 tab. Chandra prabha vati 1 tab Bahu mutrantak Ras 1 tab Trivang bhasm 125 mg Maha mrigank Ras 1 tab 2) Ashwagandharishta 1 yad Amritarishta 1 tsf b.d.p.c 3) Avoid taking liquids 2 hrs before going to bed .

Probably case of UTI(Mutravaha srotobdusthi vikara-Atupravrithi)... as aged females are more prone for this Advice: Tab Chandraprabha vati 1-1-1 Tab Neeri 2-2-2 Varunadi kashaya 15ml BD For 5 days

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It's UTI You can give nux vomica, belladonna, pulsatilla

Rx Causticum 1m/3dose Apis Mel 30 tds for 15 days

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Case of UTI Rx KHAMEERA:- marwarid Shbt buzuri motadil Qurs kafoor

Uti Cantharis

Rx pulsatilla

Chandraprbhavati vith shilajit 2tds K4 tab 2tds Nimbupani

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