A BEFITTING TRIBUTE TO A LEGENDARY PHYSICIAN "Vaidyo Narayano Hari," This is how the ancient Indian scriptures describe a doctor and elevate him to the status of God, the one who destroys the hurdles on the path of man to Sadhana. Health and Happiness go together in life. Happiness is a mirage in the absence of health. The role of a doctor in helping man maintain good health, is simply unexplainable and the society needs to acknowledge the commitment and dedication of the medical and health care fraternity. There can be no greater day than July 1, to say 'Thank You' to the men who are pursuing the noblest profession of helping save lives. Yes, it is a day dedicated to the medical profession- Doctors' Day, a day when the society while thanking the doctors' fraternity for its invaluable service to mankind, also pays tributes to a noble soul whose life and achievements will continue to inspire the medical world in particular and the society in general for years and years to come. Doctor's Day is aimed at creating awareness among the public about good health and healthy lifestyles. The real essence of Doctor's Day is to reinforce the importance of good health in an era when stressful jobs, wrong lifestyles and neglect of health have become common,. Doctor' s Day is also a significant day for doctors themselves as it provides them with an opportunity to revitalize and rededicate themselves to the practice of medicine. July 1, is incidentally both the birth anniversary as well as the death anniversary of a towering personality, a great doctor, who even went on to become the second Chief Minister of Bengal, but still continued a profession he loved the most. Dr. B. C Roy was a distinguished physician and eminent freedom fighter. He was also an outstanding educationist, social reformer and freedom fighter who dedicated his life for the cause of mankind. So strong was his commitment to serve humanity that even as a busy Chief Minister, he used to set aside one hour a day to provide medical help, free of cost to poor patients. His life contains a lesson for young doctors. He was a doyen of medicine who was instrumental in establishing the MCI. Born on July 1, 1882 in the Bankipore region of Patna, Bihar, to an excise inspector, Bidhan lost his mother when he was just 14. He did his I.A. from Presidency College, Calcutta and B.A. from Patna College, Bihar. He pursued medicine at the Calcutta Medical College. It was a life of hardship for young Bidhan. With little funds at his disposal for studies, he managed to get scholarships. He completed his M.R.C.P. and F.R.C.S. degrees in London a span of only two years and three months, a rare achievement. He then served Calcutta Medical College, Campbell Medical School and then the Carmichael Medical College. In the year 1928, B C Roy was elected to the AICC. He became the leader of the Civil Disobedience Movement in Bengal in the year 1929 and was even arrested. He also became a good friend of Mahatma Gandhi and it was Roy who treated the Mahatma when he fell ill during the Quit India Movement of 1942. The same year he was elected as the Vice Chancellor of the University of Calcutta. It was following the insistence of the Mahatma that he accepted the position of CM of W Bengal in 1948. His 14 years as the second West Bengal CM was immensely successful. As a doctor, he worked for the common man by funds towards the establishment of medical colleges to, provide both medical education and medical aid to people. Several medical institutions in Calcutta, like the Jadhavpur T. B. Hospital, R. G. Kar Medical College, the Chittaranjan Seva Sadan, the Chittaranjan Cancer Hospital, Victoria Institution and Kamala Nehru Hospital were set up by B C Roy. In recognition of his immense services to the society, Dr Roy was awarded the highest civilian award, the Bharat Ratna by the government of India on February 4, 1961. Dr B C Roy died on July 1, 1962. The B C Roy National Award was instituted in the year 1976 and outstanding achievers in the fields of medicine, politics, science, philosophy, arts and literature, have been receiving the award. On this day, the medical community of India remembers and takes inspiration from Dr. B C Roy and all the great doctors who had and have dedicated their lives to alleviate the suffering of fellow citizens. It is a day when they pledge themselves in the service of the society taking a cue from the life and achievements of Dr B C Roy, who left an indelible mark in the history of medical profession in India.


Happy Doctor's day to dear Anandu. It's a great honour to remember Dr B C ROY this day. We all should be inspired from him. As you said, Doctors are doing immense service to the society forgoing their own personal and family life. common people don't know the struggles we were faced from the childhood to became a doctor. Any way thanks once again for posting wonderful article dear Anandu. God bless you in all your endeavors
My pleasure ma'am. Happy doctors day to you ma'am. Thanks a lot for your kind words and blessings.
Thanks a lot dear Amandu, Valdyo narayano hair hi. Love to hear that. Happy Doctor's Day to you, my blessings are always with you in all your endeavors, May God bless the young Dynamic doctor Anandu.
Thank you so much for your kind words sir. Wishing you a very Happy Doctor's Day to you respected Kishna Mohan sir :)
Doctor's day celebrated in the memory of Birth and Death Anniversary of Legendary,Dr Bidhan Roy . Tribute!!Thanks for sharing Sir. . Happy Doctor's day. .
You are most Welcome Karishma. Happy Doctor's Day to you.
Wonderful information .Thank you .and happy doctor's day
My pleasure Dr. Aniruddha sir. Happy doctors day to you.
Thank you so much for nice info. ... HAPPY DOCTORS DAY
You are most welcome Dr. Radhika Palve. Happy Doctor's Day to you.
Thanks sir ..deep information.. happy doctor's day
My pleasure Dr. Santosh sir. Happy Doctor's Day to you.
Thanks for the info.... Happy Doctor's Day....
My pleasure Dr. Hemant sir. Happy doctors day to you.
Thanks for such deep insight & enlightenment.
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Nice post Sir..Thank u.. Happy Doctors Day...
You are most welcome Sheena. Happy Doctor's Day to you.
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