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A pregnant woman of 30 years with feeling of nausea for few days. < smell of cooking, during brushing teeth Appetite-less Thirst- less stool-clear urine-offensive sleep- good mind-Irritable want company please share your suggestions


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Ipicoc 30
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Days of pregnancy ...? If first trimester .. advise Kam dudha Ras bd 2 Biscuits after every 2 hrs or don't b empty stomach. Lavan bhaskar churn with lime just lick by tongue. In second trimester ..... May b due to indigestion. Of heavy nit food or late nit food . Advise digestive medicin In 3rd trimester. Think about major problems of liver or D/M check urine for keton body nd KFT , KFT ...treat as per pathological reports ..
DIET old rice,barely,cow milk,amalaki,dadima. AVOID tila,kulattha,salt, spicy,heavy food. MEDICATIONS 1.sukumara grutha 1/2 tsp with a glass of milk. amalaki. 3.dhathri louha with amalaki swarasa. 4.kamadhuda rasa. 5.amlapitthanthaka rasa. 6.avipattikara churna. 7.yashtimadhu churna. 8.shatavari grutha
कॉलोफाइलम 1x या 3 , जेल्सीमियम 30 , कैमोमिला 30 , बेलाडोना 30 या 200 , सिमिसिफ्यूगा 3 या 30 या ऐकोनाइट 30
Have a look of LFT @Dr. Debasish Sasmal sir
Ipicoc 30
Dr Ranjit Poriya. Homeopathy. C/O 30yrs Pregnant Women Nausea For few days. Pregnancy Period All women Common Problem. Rx Arsenic Album , Ipe, One of the Best Remedy. Food Restriction Best Management. Normal Diet, To Avoid Oily Food, Excessive Meet,& Fish.
Simply Advice To Eat 4-5 Munakka Soaked In Water Last Night After Brush By Fone Chewing It Not Only Decreases The Nauseatic Sensation But Also Improves Digestion
Ars and sepia . Can use ipecac . Details please.
Arsenic album, colchicum, ipeca
Colchicum 30
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