Is it secondary hypertension?



Kindly undergone HBA1C, serum cortisol level , renal Doppler, 24 hrs urinary VMA, usg abd, TSH Treat with telma-H od Tab arkamine 1mg bd

if bp is showing persistent elevated uncontrolled with hypokalaemia are striking features of primary aldosterone effect. activation of renin angiotension aldosterone system [RAAS]. aldosterone producing adrenal adenoma or hyperplasia. primary aldosterone effects.. a]NACL reabsorption in renal tubules b] stimulate extrarenal k absorption c]to increase vasoconstrictor hormones d]decrease nitric oxide production e]cns sympathetic activity increases diagnosis:CT with RENAL DOPPLER treatment: mineralocorticoid receptor blockers or sos surgery.. M I ryt dr ajeet singhji..

Switch to arkamine .1 mg tds with cilindipine 10 mg bd,adv USG w/a with KUB region to r/o CKD

Renal Doppler!

Can the cause in this be primary aldosteronism?

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