68 yrs F 2×2 cm sized swelling lower inner quadrant breast. Freely mobile and firm..FNAC smears for your valuable opinion pls



Dd. Fibrocystic change Epithelial hyperplasia with focal atypia Lower grade carcinoma Sug.Triple test approach

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Cellular, in loose clusters & individually scattered with nuclear pleomorphism & hyperchromasia. Compatible with DCC. Advised Core biopsy for confirmation, further typing & IHC for Harmone response to therapy

Ductal carcinoma of breast

Ductal carcinoma in situ

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Ductal Carcinoma

Malignant ductal cells

Malignant smears Biopsy

Suspicious category ( C3 - C4 ) lesion - Biopsy to exclude carcinoma

duct epithelial lesion, negative for malignancy

Ductal carcinoma

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