68 yrs male h/o trauma tn he was applied some hot ayurvedic lepa on leg...non diabetic non htn....plz rx



As per History it's a case of Burn As per Dr Sudhir Mehta Sir advise CT all as per your recommendation, but it will be better to give linzolid with cefexime (zifiturbo) add multivitamins Surgen's opinion sos

Thanks Dr Pradeep

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Dear Dr.Dere Treat it as a case of second degree deep burns with proper ASD with collagen if available or SSD cream Pressure dressings Antibiotic cover, rest and limb Elevation Don't underestimate the situation at all

Sir i was treated with Inj.piptz 4.5 bd Inj.pan 40 bd Tab.linid 600 od Tab.emanzen d tds Ssd cream application Any further modifications in rx

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Severe irritant contact dermatitis with secondary infection and eczema. Parenteral antibiotics - Inj Piperacillin 4gm I + Tazobactum500 8 hourly for 5 days followed by oral antibiotics.particularly linezolid Tab chymoral forte for 7days Puncture of blisters with tulle grass dressings after cleaning the wound with Betadine lotion. A fasciotomy may be required. A high protein and mineral diet.

Severe Contact irritantant dermatitis. Lateral Puncture of blisters has to be done.Topical & systemic Antibiotics, Wound Healing agents Antiaxidants usage is useful.

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Good work buy you dr Dere agreed with dr Mehta i would suggesteto punture the blebs remove dead skin and yes add metronidazole locally as well as iv infusion for anaerobic infection.

Good suggestion sir

- It's case of Burn with Acute Cellulitis - BLISTER should be drained & dead skin should be removed - Antibiotic 3rd generation cephalosporin should be used. - NSAID- with seratopeptidase. - daily dressing with all aseptic precaution with sofratullae. All protocols of burn should be followed. - CBC- ESR should bone.

Dr dere In response of prof mahata u wrote regarding antibiotics u gave to pt Now as per my experience we must go for cut n sensitive to decide antibiotics

Cellulitis Give coservatI've Tx as suggested by expert If not releived , do derbidement ,proper dressing daily

Remove scab n bliste INJ cef+tazo be 4.5rm lmprove bds 5dy T ibugesicap 1x2x5d Locally ont s s nanosiver jelly or povidibe ont

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