Periventricular leucomalacia

a neonate at 4th day of life was admitted for phototherapy. Suddenly started having seizure. Random blood sugar Cbc crp serum electrolytes were within normal limits. Even tsb wasn't very high. Seizure was controlled with inj phenobarbitone. Usg cranium was carried n report is attached. How to proceed further.

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Periventricularmalacia is more common in preterm neonates with ischaemic injury at birth....seizures should be controlled with specific treatment exists for PVL...require close follow up at discharge as baby can develop features of cerebral palsy...
Periventricular Leucomalacia ( PVL) is due to lack of blood supply to periventricular white matter ,seen in LBW and premature children. Cerebral palsy , loss of vision and hearing can be seen . Suggest observation, Neuro opinion .
Might have had birth asphyxia. Conservative management, judicious control of seizure, watchful expectancy as grade 1 PVL likely to recover, avoid phototherapy
PVL mostly seen in preterm neonate.In FT neonate birth asphyxia may develop PVL. MRI to do. Mild case PVL later on develop spastic diplegia.