Epilepsy in pregnancy

Good evening everyone, please guide me with this case, 31yr G2P1L1,17weeks POG with epilepsy, Pt is on tab levipill 500mg OD now, came with h/o GTCS lasting for 1-2minutes, h/o missed tablet +, FHR is 140-150 bpm, what is possible effect on fetus now, and long term neurodelopmental outcome, pt has H/o 1episode at 5weeks, should we get any specific tests done,they're worried about long term outcome for baby, kindly opine

Levipill can cause congenital malformations in baby Get quadruple marker and level 2 Refer to neurologist for epilepsy control
Anamaly scan at18 week quad test
As Levepril& Lamotrigene r safe drugs in terms of effect on fetus,( less malformation) 2.Seizure during pregnancy it self may cause slowing of fetal heart rate, decreased O2 to fetus, fetal is chemists, placental sbruption,/ miscarriages:/ premature birth/ 1.Neurologist opinion to control Seizure 2.Fetal monitoring taken care
Patient shouldn't miss levipill to avoid episode. Neurologist should be consulted for further
OK sir, what about fetal side effects and outcomes sir,they're worried about baby
Although data are limited teratogenic results in fetus are not reported

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