LBA & L1-L3 Disc buldge

30/y/o male with B/l hip and back pain. His past medical history was significant for IVDU. Initially, the symptoms started several weeks ago He began having left hip pain which progressively became worse. He stated the pain spread to involve both hips Pain type- sharp shooting Intensity- 5/5 Alleviation -Any type of movement makes the pain worse. He states that the pain progressed to involve his lower back and described it as throbbing. He also stated that he is having some left lower face tingling. Otherwise he denies any numbness and tingling in lower extremities. Pain relief- medication or rest but lately Ibuprofen were also ineffective at treating the pain. MRI brain/thoracic spine/hip and pelvis which were unremarkable aside from demonstrating a disc bulge at L1 and L3 and nonspecific bilateral muscle edema (on MRI of pelvis and hip) and a lateral acetabular tear. The patient had a TTE performed that was concerning for a subacute/healed endocarditis. He is pitta pradhana vata prakriti and has samanya agni bala



Dx These are common conditions encountered in Drug abusers Rx He strongly need sarvadaihika sodhana under strickt medical supervision of vitals as well as blood investigations for traces of drugs, vital profiles. Tab Manasamitravatakam 1 BD Syp Cardoriumplus 30ml OD Syp Neeri KFT 30ml OD Cap Sarvamayantaka ghritam 1BD Tab Panchatiktaghritaguggulu 1BD Murivenna oil+Sahacharadi oil e/a
What about the Kati Basti... if we add??
Rx, first do sadhya virechan by giving eranda taila+swadisht virechan+gaudughda, after that start yogbasti, niruha basti with punarnavadi kashay and anuvasan basti with sahcharadi taila Along with that kati basti with mahanarayan taila Orally give patient, eranda bhrist haritaki, yograj guggulu,
Dear Dr.Ramesh Bhat Sir, Advice for the case. Tab. Trialokya Chinta Mani Ras 1 tds. Tab. Laxadi Guggulu 1 tds. Liq. Punarnavadi quatha 20 ml tds. Advice for Kati Basti with Punarnavadi tail.
Thanks @Dr. Hemant Adhikari .
hip joint disorder/irritable hip syndrome/Avascular Necrosis laxadi guggulu, prasarini tail, rasnadi kwath, praval panchamrut, ksheerbala basti
Pain is due to nerve compression at bulging lumber area... Kati basti with medicated mustered oil. Therapeutic asanas will help
Triyodasang guggul Maharasnadi kadha Balaristha Avipattikar churan Full.body Abhyang with pinda tailam and swedan
Tryidashang guggulu Dashmoolarista Avipattikat churan Trifala Panchkarma abhyang and basti
N. M, RT, kp like medicine can work i think
Trayodashaag guggulu Arogyavardhani vati Godanti bhashma Avipittikar churna Maharasanadi kwath Mahanrayan tail massage Kati basti with mustard oil
Rx Syp calciden 2 TSF tid, BBF, after lunch and dinner Tab Evion 400mg OD X 10 days Cap CEDIA_50 mg 1 OD X 10 days Massage of Iodex
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