Attacked by screw driver.

20 y/o M attacked with screw driver. GCS 15, no neurologic deficits. The considerations in this case and all penetrating trauma is to visualize the structures affected by the pathway of the weapon. In this particular case, the tool entered the skull in the midline. The important structure below this is the superior sagittal sinus.


Deeply penentrrtred. To the vital region. CT scan required. Check for the vitals. Shift the patient under Nuro Surgeon direct supervision.
Though panetrating but seems pt spared of severe brain damage as quoted GCS is 15 Adv to take opinion of neurosurgeon
Thanx dr Pushkar ji Bhomia
The srew penatrated the skull up to the cerebral cortex need to consult neuro surgeon
Bone ,Dura ,Archnoid ,Pia matter & cerebral cortex
Admit the patient under Neurosurgeon. Observation, check vitals. Plan for removal of screw.
Patient needs debridement craniotomy with removal of foreign body ASAP
Monitor vitals Plan for screw removal under neurosurgeon's guidance.

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