C/o Itching on affected area since 8 day's

1 Arogyavardhani vati 10 gm+Kamdudharas 10 gm+giloi satva 10 gm mix thoroughly make 60 doses and take 2 times in a day. 2. Nimbadi churna 1/2 tsf bd with water 3. Haridra khand 1 tsf bd with water 4. pancha tikta ghrita guggul 2 tab bd with water. 5. Chalmogra oil added with Kapur should be applied all over the body 1 hr before bath. Do not use soap for bath
May be miliaria rubra. * use cold talc and ice pack
Antiallergics tab.like cetizine and fexofenadine.
May be contact Dermatitis. Picture please
Image please