Pain in legs during menses

29/y/o has come with pain during legs during menses since 2 months. Pain in is of spasmodic type and starts from thighs 7 radiates down to toes Menstrual History cycle- normal bleeding- 3-4 days Clots- ++, dark red, no other complaint Appeitite- decreased thirst- normal Prakriti pitta kapha Agni madhyam



Follow an anti-inflammatory diet rich in magnesium – Certain foods promote inflammation in the body whilst others have anti-inflammatory properties such as antioxidants which are particularly good for joints. Try to eat less saturated animal fats, processed foods, refined carbohydrates and sugar, caffeine and alcohol. Instead fill up on plenty of water, fresh fruit and vegetables including lots of green leafy veg, seeds, nuts, beans and oily fish in order to get a good amount of magnesium and anti-inflammatory omega-3 Gentle exercise – Exercise helps to increase your blood flow which means oxygen can be efficiently delivered to your joints and muscles and waste materials can be swiftly taken away. Exercise also helps to increase levels of chemicals called endorphins. It is likely a lack of endorphins can affect your sensitivity to pain Apply some heat – Although often only a short term solution, heat can help to reduce pain in many cases. Applying heat helps local blood vessels dilate which allows more nutrients to be delivered to affected areas. Massage – Some alternative treatments may help to alleviate muscle or joint pain if they are particularly troublesome month after month.
Dx This spasmodic pain mear Physiological rather than pathological. It is due to loss of blood, which leads to electrolyte and mineral imbalance. Rx Needs good nourishment to solve this problem Ghee 5ml BD with milk Fried sesamum with jaggery made into a Ball taken as snack. Follow this regimen from before 4 days of menses to after 5 days of menses along with menses time. Means 14days/month upto 3 months. This will give 100% relief. Yoga and Butterfly exercise Avoid spicy foods during menses
Certain pains are presented during/before/after menstrual cycle. Only the intensity varies but it is there and it's normal. Following certain exercises on regular basis and changes in diet to be maintained.
Iitl be worry, because may be swelling uters or bulky, also back compration l5, 4, s1 abnormality it be clinical tst require, medecian should take muskurate syrup BD
It's very common in Anaemic Patients Advise for Iron Protein Rich Diet Advise to add Fruits in Diet Advise for IFA for atleast 3 months Add Lohasava
Lohasavam 15 ml bd Punarnava mandoora bd Krimikutara rasa 3 day Sathavari gulam 3 month continue
It's quite normal bt therapeutically N. M6x u may give
Dashamoolaarista,drakshaarista, arogyavardinivati
RX chamomilla 30 /qid Viburnum opu Q/10 drops BD
Dashmool Datriloh Chanraprabha Arogyav Rasna

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