Chronic bronchitis

previous case of 9yr/m wid chronic cough , esr 71, his Hrct chest below

Passives pressure of thymic hypertrophy May lead respiratory symptoms Further evaluation is required to rule out other pathology
Thymus passive pressure may be related to symptoms of chest. Needs further investigation and evaluation to rule out otherwise.
Thanks Dr Sandeep Ghodekar

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If it is related to passive pressure of thymus causing symptoms..!
Valuable opinion
Ask for Mountux test, CBNNAT, TB Gold and IgE
Chronic Bronchitis . 1)sitopaladi churna yastimadhu churna svarna vasant malti ras swas kuthar ras bd with honey 2)vyadhri haritaki 10 gm bd 3)haridra khand 1 tsf bd with milk 4)kankasava
Raised esr is to be analysed I am still of the opinion a pt of chr bronchitis with raised esr ?lymphadenopathy must be workout to exclude koch's
Hrct chest shows no lymphadenopathy
Thymus enlargement Pressure of thymus enlargement causes cough