osteoarthritis- degenerative disease. etiology- multifactorial and still not understood. types- primary OA secondary OA primary OA- occurs in old age. mainly in the weight bearing joints (knee nd hip) Secondary OA- in this type,there is an underlying primary disease of the joint which leads to degeneration of the joint. occurs at any age after adolescence. occur commonly in hip joint. c/f - a-Pain 1- intermittently in the beginning,but latter become constant over months or years. 2-initially pain is dull and comes on starting an activity after a period of rest;but latter it becomes worse and cramp like,and comes after activity. b- crepitus c- sweeling of the joint on examination- tenderness on the joint line. crepitus on moving the joint irregular and enlarged looking joint due to formation of osteophytes. investigation- 1-X ray 2- serological test and ESR to rule out RA. 3- serum uric acid to rule out the gout. treatment- analgesics chondroprotective agents like Glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate. plz give ur opinion that want treatment should we do according to ayurveda. can OA is co related with संधिवात ?


Adv: Yogaraja guggulu Dashmoola kwath ASHWAGANDHA choorna Eranda sneha for mridu virechan Abhyanga Vashpsweda Niruha basti followed by Matra basti
Yes osteoarthritis can be correlated with sandhigatavata.
Dear Dr. Km Bhawana, I agree with you that O A is co related with Sandhivata.
Thank you doctor
Dear Dr. Km Bhawana, Its Sandhivata.
Ayurveda line of treatment kya Hoga?

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