Deeply impacted tooth 32

A 23 y/o male came with pain irt 32. On examination deeply impacted tooth 32 associated with a very large, scalloped and multilocular radiolucency starting from tooth 44 and extending superiorly into the high ramus. What is diagnosis?



Ameloblastoma associated with impacted lower right third molar D/d ameloblastic fibro odontoma Dentigerous cyst Odontogenic kerato cyst Confirm with biopsy Other findings- horizontal impaction in 38 And kindly check the upper left back tooth region clinically , Plan for surgical treatment Marsupialization or en bloc resection
Dentigerous cyst.D/d-ameloblastoma, okc, radicular cyst, odontogenic myxoma, AOT,fibro-osseous lesion. Histopathological examination will be definitive.
Could be an ameloblastoma associated with impacted tooth. Incisional biopsy required to rule out the diagnosis
Seems like Ameloblastoma or dentigerous cyst or probably dentigerous cyst converting into ameloblastoma
Diffrential diagnosis..ameloblastoma,dentigerous cyst,okc..get fnac and ct done
OKC Ameloblastoma Further investigation Advise surgical excision
Ameloblastoma or Odontogenic Keratocyst
Radicular cyst !!
Please do respond about the final diagnosis
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