25yr female wt 46kg having breathlesness n distention of abdomen with decreased appetite since 1week only. No lymphadenopathy no fever. kindly suggest furthur management.


Treatment depends upon the amount of fluid accumulated, severity and cause of disease. Since one of the presenting symptoms is Breathlessness, we must roughly assume that the fluid build-up is already in considerable amount as Breathlessness in ascites occurs only when pressure is exerted on diaphragm by ascitic fluid. So better go for tapping. Secondly, prescribe Syr. Liv 52 DS 10 ml thrice a day for atleast a month or two. you can choose the antibiotic according to the fluid test done. But give diuretics on titration basis. Needless to say that patient must be kept low on salt.
before giving diuretic ,start some good antibiotic and get s.creat done.if there is good quantity of fluid better drain it and test that fluid and give treatment accordingly.if there is less amount than just give diuretic n antibiotic. in homoeopathy there are many medicine you can also go for it.
Ascitis may cause of mocha Abd. or PID. If quantity is more do the taping & send for RE, AFB with blood for CBC. Give a good antibiotic & symptomatic. otherwise If possible do the diagnostic laparoscopy. take more history
mocha is by mistake actually it's kochs Abd.
Get her cbc/esr,LFT done,if LFT is normal,go for diagnostic tapping,adv,ct abdomen to r/o kochs abd.specially terminal illium,ileo coecal junction,according to that go for further management
Ayurvedic treatment, argoyavardhani vati,udaramrit vati,punarvadi mandir,sarvkalp kwath,dasmool kwath
kindly R/o abd kochs. ANA and ADA value should be evaluate. CT scan thorax also.
check her s.creatinine, bl urea before starting any diuretic
if swelling on lower limb start diuretics in low dose
start M.V.I.+ diuretics along with antibiotics
i think go for lab inv and xray
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