Cough, fever weakness since 15 days. Took antibiotics 3 types. Antiviral was also given. Smoker 14/day. X-Ray chest as following:-


Rt Lower zone opacity with obliterated costophrenic angle, pneumonia But not responding to routine drugs Needs sputum routine and afb
Veiling opacity right lower zone. Pneumonitis. Thickened costal pleura right.
Haziness rt cp angle may be dry pleurisy or thickened pleura r/o pul tb

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right lower zone pneumonitis
Thanx drVedPrakash Sharma
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Bilateral basal pnemonitis with healed # of 6th rib
Thickening of pleura and pneumonitis Rt lower zone
Heterogeneous opacity right lower zone Pneumonia
copd.if eosinophil is raised,treat for filaria.
Rt sided pleural effusion and cardiomegaly??
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