a 40yrs old farmer is suffered itching since 15days RX AND DX

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Contact dermatitis Levocet 5mg bd. Tapering dose of steroid orally and topically after cleaning area with diluted betadine lotion Moisturizer or emollient to rehydrate skin at bedtime. Remove irritant or contact or protection during exposure. Multivitamins and antioxidants orally. Improve general health and personal hygiene. Vit A and E orally.
Thanks Dr prakash.

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Allergic /irritant contact dermatitis Nadoxin plus cream for LA Moiste lotion for LA Keto soap Tab Atarax 10 mg tds x 10 days Tab cefadroxyl 500mg BD x 7 days Tab Evion 400mg OD x 1 month Cap seacod 1to2 tds x 1 month Tab mactotal 1bd x 1 month Maintain hygien Dettol liquid for hand Wash Avoid irritant & allergens sabstance
No need of keto soap....
ALLERGIC CONTACT DERMATITIS.. As he is a farmer ,he is always in contact with fertilisers,pesticides, insecticides, etc.. Rx.. Avoid exposure to allergens.. Antihistaminics Levocetirizine/Bepotastine.. Deflazacort.. Good hygiene with follow up..
Tnx a lot Dr Ashok Leel

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contact dermatitis oint.dermi5 at morning,moisturizers at night,oral antihistamines,short course of oral steroids
Allergic contact dermatitis
Contact dermatitis
Contract dermatitis
Contact dermatitis
Contact dermatitis
Contact Dermatitis
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