48 yr female with abdominal pain and fever DIAGNOSE


IIt is a case of Bilateral Emphasemtus pyelonephritis with Pelvic inflammatory disease & associated Fluorosis as the bone density is very much increased sply the spinal column
The right answer is pyosalpinx there is tabular , fluid filled dilated structure in the right adnexa with Adjacent fluid and and inflammatory stranding.
Bil .pyelonephritis nephritis. urine routine and c/s. appropriate antibiotics. monitor urea creatinine.
? emphysematus cholecystitis ? polycystic kidneys
Infective tubo ovarian mass with free fluid in Pod
probably abnormality in kub with infection
Viral Enteritis ?......
Viral Enteritis ?......
urinary tract infection
Hydrosalphynx with PID.
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