Hepatomegaly with cholecystitis

33 years old lady with epigastric pain radiating to back on right side with loose stools and malena...CT showed hepatomegaly with reactionary cholecystitis with minimal ascitis.. lipase is 164 and rest all her reports are normal.. pulse rate is fluctuating between 52 to 64, afebrile, BP 110/70..she is NPO and we put her on inj ceftriaxone inj metrogyl inj drotin inj pantop inj emset and iv fluids ( RL).. please tell what else treatment I should give or any other investigation

Acute pancreatitis, acalculous cholecystitis May be due to viral ,bacterial infection, auto immune reaction, calculus disease of biliary or pancreatic tree, drug ( antiretroviral ) Need investigations NPO, IV fluid support, IV antibiotics, IV metronidazole, IV PPI , US abdomen sometimes more revealing than CT abdomen .
Thanks a lot sir.. we get cbc, ESR, RFT , LFT, urine routine LIPID PROFILE, CRPand Ca.. what else investigations i should get

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Maintain fluids and electrolytes balance. Inj MVI 1amp iv in drip. Go for USG or MRI Abdo if Conservative treatment not respond than surgical intervention can be considered and performed after due evaluation. Regular monitoring advised.
Thank you doctor

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