52 yrs female weak physically ..weight 45 kg..BP 100.70..no sugar.....she complain of since 5 to 6 month..when she eat food..at that time she dyspnea started...no h.o cough allergy..etc..due to that she eat haf chapati..and slight rice in one time in whole day....when she not eat she fill better..when she eat two times..she lots of Dysnea.....how can manage this case ..what will treatment pattern..her reports follows @

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She needs investigations. - CBC - to rule out anaemia - Upper GI endoscopy to rule out GERD, hiatus hernia or APD - A Psychiatric evaluation to rule out anxiety disorder. - An Ultrasound scan of abdomen to rule out CHOLELITHIASIS - An X- ray chest and cardiac evaluation to find out the cause of dypnoea --