my son is 3.8yrs baby boy with h/o febrile convulsions. sending his eeg report . please give your kind opinion about dignosis, treatment, and further precautions.

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Ignore the eeg report. Had it been epileptic seizures as per eeg report why only it occur during febrile stage why not during afebrile state? . There is no role of AED in febrile convulsions . During the febrile state round the clock cold sponging and pcm to prevent rise in temp will help ameliorate convulsions. Similarly there is no role of prophylaxis of any anticonvulsants and AEDs in febrile convulsions. Only midazolam nasal spray 0.2mg /kg /dose in two divided doses into two nostrils will suffice. As the as advances the febrile convulsions resolves spontaneously.
Eeg is normal here . There r chances of recurrence of febrile seizure in future . What u can do is to keep midazolam nasal spray use it at a dose of 0.2 mg/kg/dose each spray delivers 1.25 mg at the tym of seizure . Or keep the child on child on tab clobazam at a dose of 1 mg/kg/day in two divided doses for 3 days .
When to spray ... During convulsion or after convulsion.

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No role of neuroimaging and EEG. No AED prophylaxis. Only care for sudden febrile episode. And use of Midalozolam nasal spray whenever seizures. To prevent recurrence.
Thanks sir... What about eeg report.

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No role of neuroimaging andEEG. No role of AED. Care for febrile episode by Antipyretic. Use of Midalozolam nasl spray whenever seizures.
In simple febrile seizures Eeg is not mandatory & there is no role of AEDs . Manage with pcm, frisium
Febrile convulsions are a common occurrence in children, which is generally controlled with anti seizure drugs, phenobarbitone used to be the drug of choice, one to see if he Gets convulsions without fever, EEG findings is suggestive of epilepsy, best thing is to observe And use anti convulsive drugs during fever.
No role of neuroimaging andEEG. No role of AED. Treat febrile episode with Antipyretic. And use Midalozolam nasal spray for seizure.
First episode of febrile convulusion LP mandantary others frisium pct syrup sponging helpful
LP not mandatory in typical febrile convulsion Can b considered if age less than 1 year or atypical

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