IDA Advisory on Corona situation:

As droplet and aerosol transmission of Covid-19 are the most important concerns in dental clinics and hospitals so IDA strongly recommends all our dentists practicing in the country voluntarily suspend non‐essential work on 17 March. Are we following this? How many of us strongly recommend this?


We should close immediately , despite all the measures, it is next to impossible to avoid infection from carriers or infected working in oral cavity less than a feet distance ... Next thing r u going to risk yourself and entire family... Major thing till what extent you would disinfect your clinic.... N wht all things you would disinfect...everything disinfection and would you like to transmit to more patients ... all though community infection appears to be inevitable.... Better take a break till cool down... ... Many practices temporarily are shut down in Maharashtra major towns ..... Those practices open are only focusing on true emergencies... Most number of cases of covid-l9 in Maharashtra.. Mumbai nagpur pune under lock down.... So yes better to keep it closed... Rest if you can manage by following guidelines and precautions.. You can keep practicing...
Yes sir totally agree
Yes,we stopped saying patients for opening mouth in over govt hospitals and simply writing medicine
Good step Sir
Yes..we are at highest risk Coz we doesn't know who is the carrier
Yes ma'am right
Dr@Neelam Chauhan i agree
I agree
Must be
Yes I agree!!!!!
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