Identify the instrument used in general surgery and tell 2 uses of the same.



LANGENBECK'S RETRACTOR. USES -1 For retraction edges or big vessels and nerves. 2.Used in operations like hernioplasty, appendicectomy involving lot of superficial dissection and retraction
Correct doc.!! It's a spotter for students!
Langenbeck right angle retractor. Used to retract flap and acess to areas being desired to be visualise
Langenbecks retractor used for retraction of skin during operations / surgeries
One of my favorite instruments it's langenbecks
Lengenbeck's, Retraction of skin, hernioplasty
Nice update Dr.Chnmay... Thank you
It is for tongue depressive also
Langhenbecks refractor used as skin retractor
Tongue depressor.....use to depress tongue
I agree with Dr P Yograj
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