15 yrs Bullock,Treated for 5 days by A I worker, History : * Mandible swelling for 3 days *Swelling seens at sturnum on 4 th day *Feeding normal *Abdominal size increased and unable to weakup on 6 th day. Attend case by me Detected for peritonitis, Take decision for Rumintomy, 75 to 80 litre pertonial fluid recovered from cavity, Reticular absece found ,crush internally .sharp but small iorn partical recoverd by magnate, Adv, for next followup treat, Inj Amoxyrum fort 4.5 gm Inj Tribivet 15ml Inj Malonex 15 ml for 7 days inj Redema 10 ml for 3 day (,alternate) Topicure spray for wound