6month male baby presents with low grade fever irritability full ant. font. baby is alert no meningeal sign. After 3day macular rash starting from back of ear.appears. no c/o vomiting was there.baby still now active alert.blood report crp done. dx pls



Measels... Give vit A 50000 iu 0,1 n 14 day's antibiotics to prevent sec pneumonitis, isolation for 7- 10 days pcm for fever

measles@Dr. Anil Kumar Singh

Viral exanthem..........

viral meningococcal inf

Viral infection if baby is well and alert leave home alone.

Viral exantham, only symptomatic treatment

Viral fever symptomatic treatment

Look for koplics spots ? Measles

Viral exanthematous fever

Viral exanthematous fever

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