6months old male child c/o cough cold fever since 3days, change of voice+ started on IV pipzo and amikacin kindly give Ur opinion


If started such higher antibiotics only on report then it better to stop .if u strongly suspecting bacteremia or septicemia or meningitis or UTI or some atypical like.mycoplasma even in this case I will start antibiotic such which have narrow spectrum .we all know long term effect of antibiotics now study said metabolic disorder more prevalent who has more antibiotics in first yr of life .

The investigation reports are not that alarming. What prompted you to start parenteral higher antibiotics?. Please give the detailed history

Sir in Rs crepts +++ wheezing+++ baby was very irritable yesterday with poor feeding at home tlc increased by 5000 in 12hrs, yesterday tlc was 12000

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6 months Infant e cough cold fever x 3 days. CXR : Normal study. Shift to left +. Looks like secondary Infection. It's better to go for 1st. Line of Antibiotics, rather than going for Pipzo. Follow up the case is mandatory. Please see for the immunization status. Please look into contact s.

TLC is suggestive of bacterial infection.site of infection should be search. May be Throat infection. No need of such antibiotics. Pharyngitis may be ruled out.

?LTB, ? pharyngitis ?? Viral bronchiolitis treat symptomatic with nebulization with 3%saline and aderenlene also beneficial

It could be upper respiratory infection or pharyngitis. What made press the panic botton by starting pipzo.

This looks like LTB laryngotracheo bronchitis. DC suggestive of Viral infection. So also low grade fever with laryngitis and lower airway involvement and non toxic child is very much in favour of LTB. Mist therapy, steroids, bronchodilators, adrenaline neb all might be useful

Please kindly share your experience of using adrenalin nebulization. .6 ml with normal saline or lower dose? Why not levosalbutamol?

Viral croup, give amoxyclav, one dose dexamethasone iv

According to the reports... Iv antibiotics are of higher grade.... Why?..... Seems to be a case of bronchitis

Mam in Rs crepts & wheeze +++ Yesterday baby was investigated tlc was 12000 so sended homeon oral medicines , baby was very irritable was not accepting feed so admitted today's tlc are 17400 so started on pipzo

Acute laryngitis , will respond to amoxiclav orally viral pyrexia will resolve by itself

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