6o yr F,farmer,SOB since15 days.spo2 84%newly diagnosed T2DM,BSL 434.cbc N. comments on cxray. 2nd image 2DEcho report




Opacity obscuring right heart border & right dome of diaphragm and also at left lower jone. Send Sputum for ZN staining, Gram stain, bacteriological culture. Send Routine blood with ESR. Meanwhile treat with Broad spectrum antibiotic.

RHD With Pulmonary Oedema with underlying? I LD 2 weeks history of Dyspnoea probably due to Pul. Oedema Please comment about BP

B/l obscured cp angles extensive infiltrates and uncontrolled DM and pt is field worker i would suggest to r/o pul tb first 2 chf

Thanx dr Ravi shanker

Interstitial Lung Disease with Bilateral pleural effusion, pericardial effusion, pulmonary edema.

CBC normal, Echo RHD. Rheumatic Heart Disease with Pulmonary Oedema in an uncontrolled Diabetic.

Cardiomegaly, fibroinfective nodular lesions with, ? cavity both lung. Consolidation with pleural effusion both lower zone. Sputum for AFB, if negative then do CBNAAT, gram stain, CS, CT scan CHEST. Pleural fluid for biochemical, cytological, AFB, ADA, CS. PTB / LRTI with T2 DM with valvular heart disease and CCF

Bilateral pulmonary oedaema with cardiomegaly and valvular disorder

Intrstial Bilateral Pneumonitis..or post barium swallow skiagram

Congestive cardiac failure sequale.?? ILD Suggest HRCT lung

Pulmonary oedema. Hypertensive and not properly treated DM.

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