7 CAUSES OF IMPOTENCE---Embarrassing condition that men fear the most. It is linked to masculinity. Inability to get and maintain erection can significantly affect man's self-esteem. In order to avoid preventable causes, it is important to understand what may cause the condition. 1-HEART TROUBLES:--There are number of heart-related conditions which can cause erectile dysfunction(ED) like high blood pressure, high levels of bad cholesterol, clogging of arteries, heart disease etc 2--DIABETES--: impotence  as a complication of diabetes is common among men. Erectile dysfunction in men is closely related to high blood sugar levels. Men with diabetes have difficulties with normal erections. Diabetic males are three times more likely to get ED and that too early in life. This is a big damage to sex life. 3--BRAIN DISEASES AND HORMONES TROUBLE:--- Diseases like stroke, Parkinson’s disease, and multiple sclerosis have been found to be associated with ED. Problems of pituitary gland lead to high prolactin (hormone) levels low testosterone (hormone) levels and low testosterone levels might lead to impotence. 4-- INJURIES AND TRAUMA:-- Nerve damage due to spinal cord injuries and trauma to pelvic area may cause erectile dysfunction. Additionally, surgeries involving colon, prostate, rectum (usually done for cancer treatment) and some orthopedic surgeries can lead to ED. Vasectomies do not cause erectile dysfunction.  5--MEDICINES AND DRUGS:-- Antidepressants, allergy medication, blood pressure pills, Parkinson’s disease treatments affect the erection and cause dysfunction in men. The effect of these drugs varies in men. Some might suffer sexual dysfunction and impotence while others may not. 6--IT'S IN THE MIND TO:-- Depression, stress, relationship issues amongst couples, performance anxiety, lack of communication are some of the mental conditions which can mess with the sexual feelings, desires and performance and can lead to or make erectile dysfunction worse. This is called as psychological impotence. 7--CHOOSE GOOD:-- All the causes of impotence are not preventable, but making smart choices like exercise, balanced diet, saying no to alcohol and smoking can make a big difference. Improvement in relationships, counseling, and right habits can help outwit the chances of developing erectile dysfunction.



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