7/F having this type of two nodules present at Neck and mild fever please suggest diagnosis and treatment.



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Both swellings are two separate swellings both are inflammatory and infective as seen from picture these are abscess and will need incision and drainage give cover of antibioticlike Amoxyclav and anti inflammatory.

Thanx dr Sanjay Sarkar

Abscess in a thyroglossal cyst and another fistula in the thyroglossal tract. Drainage of abscess. Once wound heals, definitive surgery- sistrunk operation indicated


Thyroglossal cyst with secondary bacterial infection. CBCESR,US neck TFT. Nuclear scan for thyroid tissue.

Infected Thyroglossal cysts.Antibiotic.Let the pus out. Later Ultrasound scan neck.Look for normal Thyroid in situ and abnormal at base of tongue. Plan excision of thyroglossal track.

Thyroglossal cyst.

Abscess but needs to rule out thyroid swellings

Thyroglossal cyst ?

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