7 year old boy with complains of itching and watering and both eyes since 3 to 4 months diagnosis ? signs seen in this picture?



besides trantas dot other signs which can be seen is neovascularization in conera360* near limbus and disappearance of LIMBAL vogts and if you ever lid pappillae and follicles may be associated findings and in advance cases shield corneal ulcer can also be seen....

nicely explained dr ramchandra. we can add pseudogerontoxon as a finding..

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the diagnosis is absolutely right. we should discuss the signs seen in VKC and in this pic for the interest of medical students and post graduates

Horner Tantras Spot. VKC. Dr. Neha madam, what your personal opinion about Tacrolimus ointment in such chronic allergic condition?

yes tacrolimus 0.03% is highly effective.. we have done a study for the same

Limbal vernal catarrh in rt eye . Rx : Antibiotic with steroid eye drops with tacrolimus eye ointment .

Superior.limbal TRANTAS dots Sugestiv e of v k CONJUCTIVITIS

Horner-Trantas dots and micropannus in bulbar type of VKC

hello Dr.sunil....tacrolimus works really well in these chronic allergy patients

Signs of Pannus seen at Sclero Corneal junction .cause can be Trachoma or Allergic conjunctivitis..


Vernal Conjunctivitis

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